“An exciting suspense novel! […] a unique revelation.”

This is how Douglas McNair described in Chamber Music Today Ruben Lorenzo’s performance at the Carnegie Hall of New York, in December 2007, after the interpretation of the renowned Betic Fantasy by Manuel de Falla. As the journalist stated, he was immersed, for the first time, in the microtonalism that Falla himself had intentionally sought in his piece.

His intense concert activity since 1982 has led him to act in prestigious venues in different countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and America including, the Franz Liszt Hall of Budapest, the Weill Recital Hall (Carnegie Hall) of New York, Villa Louvigny Theatre in Luxembourg, the Salle Cortot of Paris, Simon Bolivar Amphitheater in Mexico, the Lee Hysan Concert Hall in Hong Kong or the Brooklyn Theatre in Pretoria, among others.  During the 2014-2015 season, he went on a tour of several countries in South America and in the 2017-2018 season, he is making a tour around several cities in South Africa, China and Thailand.

Numerous reviews have always highlighted his elegance, beauty of sound and communication skills in the musical discourse, as well as the virtuosity in his performance. In his early career, Eduardo Fauquié, in Heraldo de Aragón, wrote of him, “[…] he came to demonstrate that he already is a great pianist. […] a pianist of great essence.”, and later on, “[…] one of the most chilling and emotive piano performances one remembers.” (Luis Alfonso Bes, Heraldo de Aragon, 1984). German critics wrote, “[…] a commendable performance hats-off to the soloist!” (Katrin Seidel, Leipziger Volkzeitung, 1995) and, in France, “[…] the Spanish pianist became an ambassador of his country’s musical heritage.” (Jean Lukas, La Terrasse, 2007).

With an extensive repertoire played in concert, over the last few years, he has performed numerous recitals based on specific themes such as: Franz Liszt’s studies series, Chopin’s Ballades, Beethoven’s violin and piano Sonatas and various Spanish music monographics such as El último recital de Pilar Bayona, La música española para piano en la República or Música callada de Mompou, among others. It is especially important to emphasize the premiere in Spain of the premiere of the four volumes of Makroskosmos by George Crumb, a reference work in the art of contemporary piano.

Between 2008 and 2009, he addressed Beethoven’s 32 complete piano Sonatas with the pianist Mario Monreal, within the cycle of Pilar Bayona Great Soloists in the Auditorium of Zaragoza, besides renowned concert halls in Paris, London and Strasbourg.

Furthermore, he has recorded 9 CDs with works by Mendelssohn, Beethoven, Liszt, Granados, Albéniz and other contemporary authors.

Rubén Lorenzo was born in Zaragoza where he studied with Julieta Bel (Piano and Chamber Music Honor Award) and later on in Madrid with Pedro Espinosa and Josep Colom. He temporary lived in London where he continued his studies with Nariné Haroutiunian (Royal Academy of Music) and Louis Kentner (Yehudi Menuhin School).

He received a Doctor of Music degree cum laude from the Polytechnic University of Valencia. He also won the Extraordinary Doctoral Thesis Award for his research on methodologies of analysis of the musical interpretation. In 1987, he was appointed professor at the Conservatorio of Zaragoza.